Stocking Stuffers: Our Top 10 List for Boys

Today, stockings have become just as important bearers of gifts as those wrapped and left under a tree. I’ve never heard of any “naughty” boy getting a lump of coal . . . and like the tooth fairy who keeps up with inflation, no longer leaving pennies, but entire quarters and even dollars . . . you can imagine that it takes some creativity to fill a stocking with wondrous gifts without breaking your family’s budget. It’s often doubly difficult to find gifts for boys, because there just isn’t that much great stuff out there for them.
As a Consultant for Thirty-One, a one-stop shop for all your bag and tote needs, I came up with this Top 10 list of affordable, high quality stocking stuffer recommendations for all the great boys on your list: sons, son’s friends, nephews and grandsons!
1. Glasses Case: Gray tweed pattern, hard cover. $18.
2. Zipper Pouches: Neutral black, perfectly sized for backpack and desktop. Can hold pencils, gum, Swiss Army knife, etc. $10.
3. Leather Money Clip Wallet: Slim and made with genuine black leather. Will last a lifetime! $35.
4. Little Carry-All Caddy: Perfectly masculine desk organizer. $12.
5. Leather Bi-Fold Wallet: This genuine leather, rugged wallet is also slim enough for a back pocket, and will last years and years. $42.
6. Men’s Essentials Case: Handy for sleepovers with friends, or for a sporting event. Discreetly holds all your boy’s essentials. $32.
7. Adventurer Wallet: Small enough for a backpack, with handy black carabineer to attach to a sports bag. $22.
8. Make It Mine Key Fob: Personalize-able, in dark denim or tweed. $8.
9. 31-Umbrella: A handy, compact umbrella perfect for winter weather. $27.
10. Manicure Kit: Boys are taking better care of their hands and nails than ever before. This hardcover, black accent nail kit has everything. $16.
This Christmas, have fun shopping for the boys on your list! Please visit my website for even more inspiring ideas, for stocking or tree. I would be happy to assist you with any “difficult” shopping you have. I wish you a blessed holiday season!


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