My Top 10 Modern Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Girls

The history of hanging stockings over the chimney to have them filled on Christmas Eve with little goodies like fruits and nuts has pre-Christian roots in Western Europe. Legend has it that children placed hay and apples in their shoes for the god Odin’s flying horse, and in appreciation, Odin left goodies for the children. This is why in some countries children leave out shoes to be filled, instead of stockings.
The stocking story comes from St. Nicholas, who aided a poor man’s three daughters by dropping down the chimney a bag of gold into each of the stockings that were hung there to dry. The gold gave the girls each a dowry, allowing them to marry and put their old father’s mind at ease.
As a Consultant for 31, a one-stop tote and bag “shop,” and in the spirit of the girls’ story, here are my Top 10 stocking stuffer gift ideas for any girl on your list—daughter, daughter’s friends, nieces and granddaughters! These are all super affordable and fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking! Most items come in a variety of covering patterns.
1. Flat Iron Case: In my day it was generally a curling iron, but today’s flat irons are a staple on any young lady’s dresser. This handy pouch protects a flat- or curling iron, especially during travel. $20.
2. Wristlet Wallet: With a whimsical fabric and handy wrist strap, these wallets are convenient, and leave hands free for other tasks. $22.
3. Coin Purse Wallet: Small and convenient, in a fashion print. $36.
4. Elegant Scarves: These soft scarves come in several colors to go with any outfit. $20.
5. Zipper Pouches: We carry a variety of zipper pouches, perfect for overnight makeup, or keep in a purse. $10 and $12.
6. Wristlet Key Fob: Floral pattern. $5.
7. Five Pocket Clutch: For busy girls on the go, this handy clutch fits all her needs for a day or afternoon out. $32.
8. Glasses Case: For girls, black floral pattern. $18.
9. Coin purse: This handy coin pouch has a wrist strap, making it easy to carry alone or find inside a purse. $14.
10. Jewelry Roll-Up Pouch: Gently and carefully stores a variety of jewelry for travel, or to store when changing for sports. $25.

Please visit my website for more great gift ideas. Don’t be the one who forgets to fill the stockings at the last minute! I wish you a blessed holiday season, and stay tuned for my next blog, highlighting top picks for all the great boys on your list!


2 Responses to My Top 10 Modern Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Girls

  1. Betty says:

    These are all great ideas for stocking stuffers. Definitely things girls can use, and definitely things they’ll enjoy more with all your pretty patterns.

  2. Sandra says:

    Thanks so much Betty! I think there might be a few things in here for a few girls on my list!

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