Need to Get Your Business Items to the Boutique? Our Durable Tote Options Help You Get There In Style

December 16th, 2011 by Sandra

‘Tis the season for holiday boutiques, school fundraiser holiday drives, open houses and parties! If your business requires displaying wares at any of these types of venues, we have perfect tote options for you. As a Consultant for Thirty-One, I am always happy to help busy business owners worry about one less thing: getting their “stuff” to the party on time, without a sweat!
#1. Large Utility Tote. This large, rectangular tote comes with long, strap handles. Measuring 12.5”H x 21.5”W x 10”D, it will easily carry lots of items and still sling comfortably over the shoulder. There are 10 cover styles to choose from, so if you need several, you can get different color totes and coordinate their contents for making packing up easier. (For example: Black holds sale items, Black Parisian Pop holds non-sale items; Black Tailored Stripe holds inventory, Circle Spirals holds display items, like lights and table cloths, etc.) Item #3121; $30.
#2. Square Utility Tote. Similar to the Large Utility Tote; measures 9”H x 12W x 12D. Item #3191; $24.
#3. Collapsible Cube. This gem is perfect for when you don’t keep a permanent display inventory. Perhaps you personally use that which you also display. When you get home from a show, you can unpack your items from the Collapsible Cube, and put them away in the closet. Collapse the Cube and store that away, as well. Has rugged handle grips. Dimensions: 12.5”H x 12.5W x 12.5D. Item #3477; $26.
#4. Storage Tote. Similar to the Square Utility Tote, but with longer grip handles. Measures 14.5”H x 12”W x 9”D.
#5. Tall Utility Bin. This taller version of the Storage Tote is perfect for oversize display items, like Christmas trees, Santas, or tall boxes. Sturdy grip handles. Dimensions: 22”H x 12”W x 12’D. The two-tone color scheme makes these pretty and practical.
#6. Short Utility Bin. Still roomy, this cousin to the Tall Utility Bin measures 15”H x 12”W x 12”. Item #3513; $32. Has a two-tone color scheme as well.
#7. Oversized Storage Bag. This super-priced, large rectangle box has all kinds of useful features, and can still be carried comfortably. Equipped with a clear PVC window, at a glance you are able to see what’s inside. It has two side grip handles and zips close. Dimensions: 8”H x 27”W x 18”D; Item #3637; $29.
#8. The Take-Care-of-YOU Totes. Don’t forget, you’re the most important person at the booth! Carry food and drinks to keep yourself going during the event. Hot or cold, our Thermal Totes keeps your food at the right temperature for complete enjoyment. Many sizes and styles to choose from.
#9. Hostess Exclusive Rolling Tote and XXL Utility Tote. Of course I have to save the best for last! Our Rolling Tote is 13”H x 22”W x 10”D, and only available to Hostesses, as is the XXL Utility Tote measuring 13.5”H x 25.5”w x 15.5”D. I would be delighted to show you how you can earn a Rolling Tote, XXL Utility Tote or any other Thirty-One products by having a simple, relaxed, in-home party.
I wish you a prosperous, joy filled holiday season, and the best results from your marketing efforts!

Stocking Stuffers: Our Top 10 List for Boys

November 29th, 2011 by Sandra

Today, stockings have become just as important bearers of gifts as those wrapped and left under a tree. I’ve never heard of any “naughty” boy getting a lump of coal . . . and like the tooth fairy who keeps up with inflation, no longer leaving pennies, but entire quarters and even dollars . . . you can imagine that it takes some creativity to fill a stocking with wondrous gifts without breaking your family’s budget. It’s often doubly difficult to find gifts for boys, because there just isn’t that much great stuff out there for them.
As a Consultant for Thirty-One, a one-stop shop for all your bag and tote needs, I came up with this Top 10 list of affordable, high quality stocking stuffer recommendations for all the great boys on your list: sons, son’s friends, nephews and grandsons!
1. Glasses Case: Gray tweed pattern, hard cover. $18.
2. Zipper Pouches: Neutral black, perfectly sized for backpack and desktop. Can hold pencils, gum, Swiss Army knife, etc. $10.
3. Leather Money Clip Wallet: Slim and made with genuine black leather. Will last a lifetime! $35.
4. Little Carry-All Caddy: Perfectly masculine desk organizer. $12.
5. Leather Bi-Fold Wallet: This genuine leather, rugged wallet is also slim enough for a back pocket, and will last years and years. $42.
6. Men’s Essentials Case: Handy for sleepovers with friends, or for a sporting event. Discreetly holds all your boy’s essentials. $32.
7. Adventurer Wallet: Small enough for a backpack, with handy black carabineer to attach to a sports bag. $22.
8. Make It Mine Key Fob: Personalize-able, in dark denim or tweed. $8.
9. 31-Umbrella: A handy, compact umbrella perfect for winter weather. $27.
10. Manicure Kit: Boys are taking better care of their hands and nails than ever before. This hardcover, black accent nail kit has everything. $16.
This Christmas, have fun shopping for the boys on your list! Please visit my website for even more inspiring ideas, for stocking or tree. I would be happy to assist you with any “difficult” shopping you have. I wish you a blessed holiday season!

My Top 10 Modern Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Girls

November 14th, 2011 by Sandra

The history of hanging stockings over the chimney to have them filled on Christmas Eve with little goodies like fruits and nuts has pre-Christian roots in Western Europe. Legend has it that children placed hay and apples in their shoes for the god Odin’s flying horse, and in appreciation, Odin left goodies for the children. This is why in some countries children leave out shoes to be filled, instead of stockings.
The stocking story comes from St. Nicholas, who aided a poor man’s three daughters by dropping down the chimney a bag of gold into each of the stockings that were hung there to dry. The gold gave the girls each a dowry, allowing them to marry and put their old father’s mind at ease.
As a Consultant for 31, a one-stop tote and bag “shop,” and in the spirit of the girls’ story, here are my Top 10 stocking stuffer gift ideas for any girl on your list—daughter, daughter’s friends, nieces and granddaughters! These are all super affordable and fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking! Most items come in a variety of covering patterns.
1. Flat Iron Case: In my day it was generally a curling iron, but today’s flat irons are a staple on any young lady’s dresser. This handy pouch protects a flat- or curling iron, especially during travel. $20.
2. Wristlet Wallet: With a whimsical fabric and handy wrist strap, these wallets are convenient, and leave hands free for other tasks. $22.
3. Coin Purse Wallet: Small and convenient, in a fashion print. $36.
4. Elegant Scarves: These soft scarves come in several colors to go with any outfit. $20.
5. Zipper Pouches: We carry a variety of zipper pouches, perfect for overnight makeup, or keep in a purse. $10 and $12.
6. Wristlet Key Fob: Floral pattern. $5.
7. Five Pocket Clutch: For busy girls on the go, this handy clutch fits all her needs for a day or afternoon out. $32.
8. Glasses Case: For girls, black floral pattern. $18.
9. Coin purse: This handy coin pouch has a wrist strap, making it easy to carry alone or find inside a purse. $14.
10. Jewelry Roll-Up Pouch: Gently and carefully stores a variety of jewelry for travel, or to store when changing for sports. $25.

Please visit my website for more great gift ideas. Don’t be the one who forgets to fill the stockings at the last minute! I wish you a blessed holiday season, and stay tuned for my next blog, highlighting top picks for all the great boys on your list!

Sassy Bags go Upscale!

July 7th, 2011 by Sandra

Betty Kaufman is our friendly Wine Shop at Home consultant. Here she is using our Paparazzi Dot Tote to transport her perishables for a mobile wine tasting! What fun can you have with a 31 tote?

Relay of Life fundraiser

June 30th, 2011 by Sandra

We just has a fantastic fundraiser for the Crowns for a Cure group! They were fantastic. We managed to raise $100 for Relay for Life through their friends and family. The most popular items was the thermal lunch tote. I have many guests coming back to by it as gifts for friends or teachers. They all say how much they love their tote!

Thermal Lunch Totes

Contact me if you would like to do a fundraiser for your organization.